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“I started attending Cindy’s Yin/Restorative Yoga classes in September 2011, and they are still the highlight of my week!  Not only is Cindy a compassionate, respectful, and humble person, but she also knows her stuff.  She is an engaging and engaged teacher, who treats each student as a unique individual.  Since taking her classes, I’ve become much more aware of my breathing, posture, and movement — and less critical of some of the “unchangeable” things about my body.  I highly recommend Cindy to my friends and family!”

- Toni Lynn

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“I came to Cindy for Yoga therapy after having ongoing pain in my leg and hip that my doctors were unable to address. Cindy helped me go from hobbling around, barely able to walk and in constant pain, to being able to go on long hikes, run to catch the bus, and doing sun salutations again. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Cindy’s private sessions are. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, sensitive, and intuitive yoga therapist who will support your quest of healing, Cindy is the person for you”

- Chelsea Bell Eady

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“I have participated in Cindy’s group yoga classes for several years and love them.  Her approach is unique in that she combines the best of yoga practices (hatha, yin, kundalini, flow)  utilizing breath and visualization.  I have also had  individual sessions with Cindy for specific issues and have noted a significant improvement. She is a skilled practitioner, a good teacher and a compassionate person.  I would highly recommend yoga therapy from Cindy for general maintenance and prevention as well as the treatment of specific areas of concern.”


- Sandy Rubin

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“Yoga and I began many years ago and took a long hiatus until recently.  I have attended classes with Cindy for over a year and I look forward to her class every week.  It is a lovely environment to be in – she is knowledgeable, friendly, attentive and very grounded.  She stays with the class – observes if there is anyone having difficulty and offers up alternative poses.  She has an ability to make the class extremely comfortable for all attending, and changes up her poses regularly.  I attend other yoga classes, and there are some very good teachers out there, but Cindy……I have to put her at the top.  And this is coming from someone who is not flexible, can’t do all the poses and is in her mid fifties with bum knees.”


- Shirley McKell


Last night was our first kundalini class in the new studio…amazing

I’ve been attending a variety of yoga classes with Cindy for the past 6 years.
I started with kundalini yoga as I wanted a yoga that gave me meditation. What I learned was that it also had chanting that heals many mind afflictions.
I then started to do a yin and restore class that was very helpful in allowing me to stretch my body in ways opposite to my everyday life.
After a few years, to get more benefit with classes, I have taken several sessions of yoga therapy. It improved my stretch classes as I built an even better understanding of the poses I was doing.
Private yoga therapy has given me many health benefits,people have commented that I’m taller…I no longer have extreme back pain and continue to be seeing and feeling the benefits.
When I started doing my kundalini practise in her home studio the classes were geared towards our specific body ailments. Using the wall to hang off, straps to support our body in different poses and the many other props has greatly improved my practise.
Yoga, meditation and chanting has changed my life, I have been able to share with many of my friends Cindy’s vast knowledge and encouragement she has helped us heal. Whenever my friends and I are together talking of our yoga, it always ends with a genuine we love Cindy.


- Kari Hewer