Yoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy works to assist people in getting out of pain and into more functional movement patterns by using asana (yoga poses) as a way to work through the body to discover where the real issues hide. Typically the site of pain is a symptom and not the cause but we like to treat the site of pain as the cause of dysfunction and in doing this we may get temporary relief but the underlying issues remain. Yoga therapy sessions will focus on postures, breathwork, body mechanics in ranges of movement that are suitable for you and the condition you wish to improve. Yoga therapy is complementary to other forms of treatment that you may be undergoing and we are always happy to work with your health practitioner.

Here are some issues that Yoga Therapy can assist you in overcoming

  • back pain
  •  neck & shoulder pain
  •  hip pain
  •  knee pain
  •  postural imbalance
  •  arthritis
  • scoliosis
  •  recovery from injury
  •  asthma and other respiratory issues
  •  hormonal
  • anxiety and stress related disorders


  • Private Sessions 90 min $90
  • Semi Private Sessions 90 min $120
  • Packages for private 6 sessions $80 per session
  • Ask about combining Sound Therapy and Yoga Therapy